Yannoulis Halepas

With its 23 pieces, the I.TI.P.s permanent Halepas exhibition – one of the most important ensembles of Greek modern sculpture – make up the most representative collection of Chalepas works from the period that many characterize unsuccessfully as his post-rational period (after 1916).

It was in Tinos that Halepas (1851-1938) began creating again, after an almost forty-year break due to his fragile psychological state – with a personal style entirely different from that of his youthful academic period, bringing (to what degree unconsciously is difficult to say) Modern Greek sculpture close to the issues explored in contemporary art.

The connoisseur and the general public with these works opens up new prospects for approaching the oeuvre of this significant artist, who holds an almost symbolic place in Modern Greek sculpture, precisely at the transition between the amateurism and meanness of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century and the conscious self-awareness and inquiry of the 1930s.

The event is finished.


17 Jun 2024