“Continuity …” – The new art collection of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos


The new art collection of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos (ITIP)

In Tinos, sculpture is practiced undisturbed from ancient times until today as a miracle of Art! Thus the island is the undisputed ark of our sculpture, the sculpture of the Greeks.
In this section, works of modern artists are exhibited that have been offered to the public in ITIP. With reference to the imposing seated form of Lazaros Lameras (1911-1998), a multi-faceted “Trial”, there are sculptures by Dimitris Armakolas (1939-2009 ), Babis Kritikos (1948-2013), Giannis Maniatakos (1935-2017), Faethon Gryparis, Markos Armaou, Argyris Fortomas, Argyris Maravellias, Praxitelis Tzanoulinos, Thodoris Pokamisas and Dimitris Skalkotos, a distinct continuation of the insuperable hall of Yanouli Halepa at the top floor of the foundation.
The unit complements the sculptural constructions of the painter Christos Santamouris, the two engravings with the sculptural forms of Babis Retzepopoulos (1940-2002) and the tapestry of Lefteris Kritikos, dedicated to the Aegean light. The noble offerings of painters were added to complete the picture. Thus, alongside the tender woodcut of Giorgos Varlamos (1922-2013) on Tinos, the interactive work of Manthos Santoriniou stuns the mind, as well as the symbolic painting of Anastasia Hatziri, the painting by Nikolaos Kontogeorgis, the composition of Konstantina Sylikou and the photo by Stelios Papadopoulos. The result surprises pleasantly.
In the hospitable places of the cultural foundation of Tinos, the journey of Art continues …

Manos Stefanidis

The event is finished.


09 Aug 2022