General Features
>Beautiful, three-story, newly refurbished neo-classic building on the waterfront of the port of Tinos
>Modern air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
>State-of-the-art fire detection and extinguishing systems
>Alarm system
>Closed circuit TV
>Facilities for persons with special needs (ramp, bathrooms, elevator)
>Recreation areas: coffee shop, informal sitting areas, indoor and outdoor reception areas
>Public announcement and alert system
>Central TV installation, FM and Satellite pickup
>Tele-conference and Multi point tele-conference system
>Computerization, computers, printers, colour scanner, internet card
>Automatic photocopy equipment with sorting trays and other photocopy machines
>Automatic generator backup system and U.P.S.
>Full time technicians
>Local services: Hotels and restaurants, harbour with regularly scheduled inter-land ferry service and fast boat service to and from the mainland ports of Piraeus and Rafina, as well as Syros and Mykonos. Heliport, health centre, bus, taxis and ambulance services

>Beautiful, fully equipped coffee shop with loft and view of the harbour
>Services available to conference delegates, gallery visitors and the public


Internet room.
>Specializing in Tinian, Cycladic, religious, museum and art titles

Conference Areas
>Capacity: 380 participants
>Four lecture halls – two equipped with complete audio / visual systems and simultaneous language translation
>Portable seating with book-rest, eight-person speakers table and podium
>Microphone installation
>Latest technology wireless conference equipment
>Simultaneous translation in three languages with infrared system.
>Motorized ceiling projection screens (350 x 350 cm and 540×300 cm)
>Audio coverage for conferences, presentations and lectures
>Visual coverage: portable colour cameras to record conferences and events with distribution capability throughout all building areas
>Portable projection and presentation equipment: slide projectors, overhead projectors, video projectors, visualizer, tripod screens, adjustable projection tables, white boards, cork boards, and portable podiums
>Conference support offices and small work group areas
>Seminar organizing capability with computer network
>Internet room

Exhibition halls
1) Rotating exhibition hall, 190 m2
>Track and spot gallery lighting
>Movable and stationary display cases
>Microphone/speaker installation for presentations
>Audio and visual connection with central conference hall
>Infrastructure for two-way projector communication with other areas
>Video phone for telepresentations
>CO2 fire extinguishing equipment system
>Exhibit organization areas: secretariat, technicians and equipment storage areas
2) Permanent exhibition hall: Works of Tinos’ famous sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas (1851-1938)
3) Book store