8th Tinos World Music Festival

Tinos 1, 2, 3 July 2022

Transformations I


Tinos World Music Festival launches a three-year cycle of musical creation with the title “Transformations”, which aims to explore the relationship between the various manifestations of folk music culture and contemporary artistic creation.  Tinos World Music Festival was inaugurated in 2013 on the island of Tinos and is organised by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the cultural organisation Creative Musical Island. It has hosted over 100 musicians from Greece and abroad and has been attended by hundreds of spectators from all over the world. The artistic director of the festival is Martha Mavroidi.

With “Transformations” the festival aims to give prominence to the new musical community growing around the traditional music of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, seeking new ways of artistic expression. Traditional instrument virtuosi who develop the techniques of their instruments, transforming the traditional musical idioms and creating new musical genres, each one marking the result with their own particular artistic identity. Musicians from this community rarely have the opportunity to present their work at an institution that is dedicated to such genres. The “Transformations” cycle will consist of three different editions of the festival (Transformations I, II, III), in three consecutive years (2022, 2023, 2024) and will include concerts and educational activities in various locations of Tinos. The goal of the three-year cycle is to provide a platform where new musical trends will interact with one another through musical partnerships and educational activities, but will also get in touch with a wide audience, creating a musical network that includes both the local community of Tinos and the nearby islands, as well as an ever-growing audience from other regions of Greece and abroad.

Tinos World Music Festival continues its educational programmes for the second year, organizing two workshops on folk music taught by two of the most experienced folk musicians of the new generation. On the occasion of the centenary of the Asia Minor catastrophe, Dionysia Papouli will do a workshop on traditional songs on the topic “From Asia Minor to the Aegean” with songs that traveled from Asia Minor and were integrated in the repertoire of the music of the islands. The second workshop will be an introduction to the art of lute, taught by Maria Ploumi. The workshops are addressed to both adults and children, and will be hosted at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos on Saturday 2nd of July 11:00 – 13:00.




Friday 1 July, 21:00

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

“Echoes of Asia Minor”

Tinos World Music Festival inaugurates its  collaboration with Tinos Festival, in a concert dedicated to the 100 years of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The first day of the festival is dedicated to instruments that played an important role in the musical traditions of Asia Minor. Through the eyes of young creators, these instruments find their place in contemporary musical creation.


Naseem Trio

Naseem Trio is a newly formed collaboration of three musicians with a shared inclination towards influences regardless of direction and geographical orientation and with a strong desire for musical dialogues and improvisation within the framework of original compositions. Dimitri Mikelis plays the oud and piano. As a musician, he has delved into both performing and composing, as well as teaching, throughout his career. His choice of instruments suggests the dual identity of his education and later his career, where the influences of Western and Eastern musical idioms ultimately act as a catalyst in the formation of his aesthetic and personality as a performer and creator. After 15 years abroad, first in the USA and then in Palestine, where he taught piano and oud at the Al Kamandjati Association, Dimitri Mikelis returns to the Greek scene and, together with Andrea Romani and Apostolos Sideris, presents compositions with roots in the Mediterranean and Arabic music.

Dimitri Mikelis – Oud

Andrea Romani – Ney, flute

Apostolos Sideris – Double bass


Tasos Poulios Quartet: The Vitraux Project

“We don’t play traditional music, we don’t play jazz, but we have taken “yeast” from tradition, and freedom from jazz. Perhaps we belong to an impromptu category that I would call Aegean World Jazz, because in terms of music we let ourselves to be carried away by the currents of the Aegean Sea, which sometimes lead us to the Bosporus, sometimes to the Libyan Sea and sometimes to the Atlantic Ocean”, says composer and founder of the quartet Tasos Poulios. He belongs to a new dynamic generation of musicians who have delved into traditional music, but also seek and discover new musical dimensions without altering the original style and ethos. Tasos Poulios, a virtuoso on the qanun, through his compositions, bridges the musical worlds of film music, world jazz and the tradition of the East, while wondering, along with the listeners, where does the performance of one genre stop and where begins the other. The quartet stands behind this blur of the musical landscape, similar to the blur of a vitraux, behind which everything is visible, but the strict outlines give way to smooth curves.

Tasos Poulios – Qanun, composition, curator

Giannis Poulios – Violin

Dimitris Tasoudis – Drums, electronics

Apostolos Sideris – Double bass


“From Asia Minor to the Aegean”

Songs and tunes from the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, as well as melodies that traveled from Asia Minor and were integrated into the repertoire of the Aegean.
Spiros Balios – Violin

Dionysia Papouli – Song

Maria Ploumi – Lute


Saturday 2 July, 21:00

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

“Balkan winds”


People of the Wind

An explosive trio with music inspired by the art of the zurna and the ecstatic melodies of Macedonia and the old Balkan folk traditions. The saxophonists Fausto Sierakowski (France) and James Wylie (New Zealand) together with Alexandros Rizopoulos on the davul, formed the trio People of the Wind, in 2016 in Thessaloniki, to perform the melodies of Macedonia and the Balkans with the saxophone as their lead instrument. The interpretation of Balkan music with a Western instrument such as the saxophone is a challenge that aims to enrich and renew this very special musical tradition.

James Wylie – Saxophone

Fausto Sierakowski – Saxophone

Alexandros Rizopoulos – Davul


Balkan Bridges: Petar Ralchev – Thanos Stavridis

Two leading musicians and soloists who not only engage in the musical traditions of their country, but also open new horizons, as they combine the past with the present through musical creation, meet in a journey through the music of the Balkans. Petar Ralchev, one of the greatest musicians in the contemporary Balkan music scene, creator of a unique style of performance with virtuosity, rich melodic harmony and improvisation, is an inspiration for many young accordionists around the world. Thanos Stavridis on the other hand, one of the most renowned musicians in the field of accordion, is considered a pioneer of the Balkan scene in Greece. Christos Tassios joins them on percussion.

Petar Ralchev – Accordion

Thanos Stavridis – Accordion

Christos Tassios – Percussion


Sunday 3 July, 21:00

Museum of Marble Crafts | PIOP

“At Pyrgos”

The third day of the festival takes place for the second year in the village of Pyrgos in collaboration with the Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.


Kelly Mayu Duet

The bows of lyra and cello are intertwined in a magical dance of melodies and rhythms through the exceptional virtuosity and musicality of two important musicians. Kelly Thoma and Mayu Shviro met at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete and have performed together for seven years. In their concerts they present a repertoire of contemporary modal compositions by Kelly Thoma, played on cello and lyra, influenced by various musical traditions of the world, emphasizing on both improvisation and the creative approach to ancient sounds. Kelly Thoma, a charismatic musician and composer, has earned her own place in the international music scene and has collaborated with leading musicians from many different orientations. Mayu Shviro, a cello virtuoso with studies in European classical music and Azerbaijani mugam, creates a unique sound through her improvisations and impressive technique.

Kelly Thoma – Lyra

Mayu Shviro – Cello


Vassilis Triantis Quartet

Vassilis Triantis, presents a journey with music from his album “Portolanos” as well as the new single “Seytan Pazar” that was recently released. A lutist of traditional music but at the same time a contemporary musician, with influences from various musical genres, he reflects in his compositions the coexistence of his musical experiences. He is accompanied by an excellent group of musicians, while his songs surround traditional songs from Greece and other countries of the world as well as pieces by composers who “defined” the artist to a certain degree and are part of the wider field of the World Music scene.

Vassilis Triantis – Lute, guitar

Vangelis Karipis – Percussion

Antonis Kaliouris – Wind instruments

Giorgos Ventouris – Double bass


Admission for the public is free

Organisation Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Creative Musical Island

Co-organisation Region of South Aegean, Tinos Festival, Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Donation AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company

Transportation sponsor Fast Ferries

Artistic direction Martha Mavroidi



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