14th Jazz on Tinos. Program 26/8/2023

14 Jazz on Tinos

Saturday 26th August




Grigoris Theodoridis Trio




Double bassist and composer Grigoris Theodoridis introduces us to his trio and “travels” us through his numerous journeys with his debut album Green of Silence.

The jazz scene of New York and Tokyo weave the web on which the expressiveness of the sounds of Latin America and the mysterious charm of the Far East finds its place.

Various musical experiences are reflected in bold improvisations that give breath to silence, ground to melody, space to noise.


The Grigoris Theodoridis Trio with knowledge and spontaneity, improvisational freedom and inspiration leads us on a musical journey with attractive influences from different parts of the world.



Orestis Petrakis – Piano

Dimitris Klonis – Drums

Grigoris Theodoridis – Double bass




Sami Amiris – Nassia Gofa – Gilad Atzmon Trio




The trio digs into the elements of jazz music and music in general, it explores the rhythm, and textures, the harmonies and the lines that bring beauty about.

It will delve into the American song book and even visit some unknown territories and mix different music colours.


Sami Amiris – Piano

Nassia Gofa – Vocals

Gilad Atzmon – Saxophone



26 Aug 2023


9:00 am