Exhibition from Thodoris Poukamisas: Sculpted shapes

Opening: Friday, July 6 Time: 20.00

duration of exhibition: 07/07/2018 – 13/08/2018

This visual proposal began in the mid 1990s.
The marble plays a key role in this work, its morphology, atomic volume and molecular structure contributing to the final result of the composition.
All marble compositions have been sculpted directly into the material without any preform, leaving freedom in the creation of the piece.
The human body as a whole, or as individual parts, or as part of the bone or muscular structure, is the source of inspiration and the basic theme in the play of light between the sculpted form and the molecular structure of the material, thus highlighting each marble composition.
The oxidized and patinated bronze lets the light flow on the forms, creating intense flashes and deep shadows to give the right visual dimension of the carved composition.

The reconstruction of images and forms with colorful pieces of plexiglass is an attempt with a relatively new material, that allows me to compose a tree, to draw its shedding of leaves in the space, to make a sunset on a summer afternoon, between Syros and Gyaros.

Along with these, the sculpture ‘’The Kneeling Mother’’, which was awarded the first Panhellenic prize in 1991 in the same-named competition held by the Municipality of Tinos.