13th Jazz on Tinos


26, 27, 28 / 8/ 2022

13th Jazz on Tinos presents 6 ensembles which span a wide spectrum of jazz styles and provides a spotlight for groups new and old, experienced musicians of international fame and younger rising stars, all connected by their love of music and by having recent releases to share with the world.


The artistic director of Jazz on Tinos is the pianist George Kontrafouris,

This year, the presenter of the festival is Dimitris Trikas, journalist and producer of the Third Program of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Concerts start at 9:30 p.m.

Free entrance

Organization: Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Under the auspices and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Production Organization: Irida Music


It is not so much the realization of a single idea or a goal that matters, but rather the attainment of durability. In spite of challenging circumstances and considerable adversities, the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and its collaborators have managed to celebrate Jazz on the island of Tinos every year without fail for the last thirteen years, an achievement by no means straightforward. This year’s programme is rich and representative of the current local Jazz scene. I am sure that this will be one of the most beautiful and successful events in the institution’s illustrious and captivating musical history.

Dimitris Trikas

Friday 26/8/2022


  • Spyros Gatos, piano
  • Konstantinos Vidalis, bouzouki
  • Achilleas Makrakis, guitar

Gypseons Trio are a Gypsy Jazz trio based in Corfu. The three students of the Ionian University recently released their first album titled ‘Scenes’.


Flying Jazz Trio

  • Stefanos Andreadis, guitar
  • Giorgos Kontrafouris, organ
  • Dimitris Clonis, drums

The first night of Jazz on Tinos 2022 is closed by the Flying Jazz Trio led by Stefanos Andreadis and Giorgos Kontrafouris and featuring Dimitris Klonis on drums. Giorgos Kontrafouris and Stefanos Andreadis have been friends and collaborators for many years at the jazz department at the Ionian University and bandmates in the Flying Jazz Trio since 2009. In the set of this year’s summer tour, the trio presents pieces from the newly released ‘Abel’ by Flying Jazz Trio on Irida Jazz along with selected older tracks from previous Flying Jazz records.

A high calibre jazz trio which it takes its audience on unprecedented “musical journeys” on every gig.


Saturday 27/8/2022

Chochlakas project

  •  Haris Lambrakis, ney
  • Dimitris Verdinoglou, piano
  • Dimitris Clonis, drums
  • Giorgos Ventouris, double bass

The “Chochlakas” project led by double bassist and composer Giorgos Ventouris brings together musicians from different musical backgrounds, to collaborate on original compositions that combine elements from the music of the Eastern Mediterranean and from modern musical idioms, bound together through improvisation. Their debut album entitled “Chochlakas” was released by Violins Productions based in Paros.


Menios Gounaris Trio

  • Menios Gounaris, piano
  • Grigoris Theodoridis, double bass
  • Jason Wastor, drums

Pianist and composer Menios Gounaris presents his new album entitled Set in motion released by Irida Jazz. It is an album inspired and recorded entirely during the pandemic that tries to capture the need for action and creation as the title “Set in motion” testifies. Together with his collaborators Grigoris Theodoridis – double bass and Iasona Vastor – drums, Menios Gounaris chooses to move in the field of modern jazz and invites us to get to know his personal sound.



Sunday 28/8/2022


Aris Papadopoulos Trio

  • Grigoris Theodoridis double bass
  • Thanos Hatzianagnostou drums
  • Aris Papadopoulos piano

The trio presents their debut album ANAPOLONTAS released by Irida Music. It is a modular project consisting of four musical ideas. Unnecessary Thoughts, a composition by G. Theodoridis, Children’s Story, Stargate and Synapseis, by A. Papadopoulos. Nostalgic reverie for the past (Innocence and Chaos), anxious contemplation of the present (Simplicity and Desire) and the future (Tomorrow). The music ripples on the experimental and improvisational relationship that develops between the musicians but, at the same time, unfolds in an ongoing dialogue with the listeners.


Pekka Pylkkänen – Greek Bottega

  • Nikos Anadolis, Piano
  • Grigoris Theodoridis, double bass
  • Giorgos Maniatis, drums
  • Pekka Pylkkänen, saxophone

The “Greek Bottega” quartet, led by saxophonist by Pekka Pylkkänen will close the three days of the 13th Jazz on Tinos. They will present material from his latest album, titled “Nu Bottega”. Pylkkänen says of the album: “The general idea is about the Italian lifestyle and the beauty that one can find there not easy to describe in a few words, but like finding the most beautiful things behind a slightly trashed or ‘b-flat’ areas/places/details. “Nu Bottega” just means “new restaurant” but having this vibe of a shared kitchen, cooking with friends, sharing the bread and so on. Cooking (mostly Italian nowadays) is one of my passions, and sharing that with my friends is one of my greatest joys.”