The HYGEIA Medical Association, in collaboration with Kosma Eliades, Director of Thoracic Surgery Clinic “Hygeia” and Paraskeva Kosmidis, Director of the 2nd Department of Pathology and Oncology “HYGEIA”, will hold its annual scientific event in Tinos, May 18-20, 2018, on: Prevention gives life The purpose of the event is to […]

Medical science event: Prevention is life-giving.

Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 May 2018 Bows Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos Town This Year’s festival will take us from the Pontos and the Black Sea to the eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Crete. Vehicle, the lyre and the violin bow, the two arched strings which are […]

6th Tinos World Music Festival

“Agisilagos”  of Dimitris Bashlam A show with dolls and live music After 150 sold out appearances in Thessaloniki and Hellenic Cosmos of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Agisilagos goes for a walk in the region! A “happy multicolored celebration,” a musical-theatrical tale created by Dimitris Basslam (inspired by his […]

“Agisilagos”: A show with dolls and live music